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3 Days In Paris

Got to hang out with this lovely lady! I haven't seen Angela in almost eighteen years, but to me it was just as comfortable as it was the last time. She took me on a whirlwind tour of some things I didn't even know I wanted to see.

Hands down, my favorite was the cafe from Amelie. We wandered the streets, saw Moulin Rouge, rode the junkie laden train system, ate some stinky cheese, had a fantastic meal with a whole crew of her people, and drank copious amounts of alcohol. She even managed to get me in to Club Silencio, which is owned by David Lynch. He wasn't there. And I was horribly under dressed. I even saw the Eiffel Tower. from a distance. And the outside of Notre Dame, which was a complete madhouse of people waiting to get in. I don't make a good tourist, because none of these things held much interest to me. Give me chaos in the wee morning hours anytime.

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