I've Had Too Much To Think!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So. I've been back for two weeks. In this time i have reunited with a bunch of friends, been to a concert and a wedding, and worked exactly three shifts so far. It is good to see the people i love and care about in the flesh. I missed them more than i thought i did.
Work is work, just a way to pay the bills while i figure out what i want to do when i grow up. Speaking of which, i have signed on to Ambassador of Beer, where some friends and i will be babbling about, well, beer. So, if you like beer, give it a look see. A monthly beer club is in the works.
In other news, i am posting the last installment of photos from my trip. Kind of lost internet access for a bit there in Thailand, or at least the free kind where time means nothing and you can upload to your heart's content.
Overall, it's good to be home. I feel rejuvenated. My soul feels cleaner. The things that were bothering me before i left just don't seem to matter as much.
And i am feeling motivated to learn new things, to grow and change and not sink back into the rut i climbed out of when i left to wander strange lands and clear my head. Thanks to everyone who followed along, i hope you enjoyed the ride.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Days On Lanta (day 60-63)

Spent the last few days doing very little. Much swimming, hammock sitting, and beer drinking. Read two books. Walked a long way and bought a third, a book called Matter, by one of my favorite authors Ian Banks, which is off to a very good start.
Was going to leave on a bus for Bangkok today. Decided to stay one more night and fly from Krabi instead. Just don't have it in me to waste an entire day sitting on a bus when i can sit in a hammock instead. It cost me about twice as much, but the peace of mind is worth it.
So, off to Bangkok tomorrow for about a day of trinket shopping, and hopefully a reunion with my friend Dang. Hopefully the curfew is lifted by the time i arrive.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hanging Out With Old Friends

Oh My God!

This used to be a half-rack of ribs (including the short ribs), two pieces of corn on the cob, and a stack of wedge fries. I did my best. i got it at Lanta Tavern, where the food is good and the service is friendly. And if you follow the link and hit the middle Songkran photo the big guy on the right was my dive instructor. I think i am going to pass out now.

Lanta (day 57-59)

Spent a chunk of Sunday learning stuff. A lot of stuff. By way of videos and a series of quizzes. I aced all the written stuff no problem. Duh. Then it was off to the pool to put the theory into practice. Had very little difficulty here either. I mean, come on, it's a pool.
Monday, slightly different story. First dive went pretty smooth, saw some neat fish and a sea turtle eating a jellyfish. Good stuff. Then it was time for my 200 meter swim around the boat. Made it about a quarter of the way. Swallowed some sea water, almost puked, swam back and got out. Opted for a longer snorkel and fin swim of 300 meters and a ten minute survival float the next day. Second dive i was flustered and had trouble staying down in the proper depth i was supposed to be in. Breathing too hard and fast = to much air in the body = a tendency to float. Weird.
Tuesday started poorly for dive three. Bad mind set about the failed swim. When i jumped in the current kept pushing me back towards the boat. This had me winded from the get go. Then i had a brief mishap with switching from snorkel to air supply. We descended for some navigation by compass, after which i sort of had a moment of panic. A long moment. Claus, my instructor, got me calmed down and squared away enough to finish the dive. Gave some thought to packing it in. Then i went ahead and did my 300 meters and float instead. Got it done with no trouble, just looked at it as some extra snorkeling time. Dive four was great. I was calm and relaxed for the first time yet. I saw some amazing sights. I didn't drown. Passed my final exam. Officialy able to SCUBA dive. Man am i tired!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lanta (Day 55-56)

Pretty much did very little. Walked on the beach, swam in the ocean. Hung out with Ching and Nit, who run the bar next door to my new place of residence. I know them from my last visit here, and though they had to be refreshed on my name, they definitely remembered me. It's weird being back here, not quite the same yet vaguely familiar.
Friday, after four days of being complacent and doing nothing, i began to feel antsy. So i signed up for a three day course for open water diving certification. It's cheaper than at home, and the water is a hell of a lot warmer. So that will keep me occupied for a few days.
The only thing of note on Saturday was taking a trip to market with Nit to stock up on supplies and get stuff for their late night barbecue. Last nights was grouper and some garlic and chili salsa that numbed my mouth. So tasty. The market was fun, got some popsicles made out of Fanta that were quite good. Tonight, more late night grub with the locals, then up early for my first lesson.