So. I've been back for two weeks. In this time i have reunited with a bunch of friends, been to a concert and a wedding, and worked exactly three shifts so far. It is good to see the people i love and care about in the flesh. I missed them more than i thought i did.
Work is work, just a way to pay the bills while i figure out what i want to do when i grow up. Speaking of which, i have signed on to Ambassador of Beer, where some friends and i will be babbling about, well, beer. So, if you like beer, give it a look see. A monthly beer club is in the works.
In other news, i am posting the last installment of photos from my trip. Kind of lost internet access for a bit there in Thailand, or at least the free kind where time means nothing and you can upload to your heart's content.
Overall, it's good to be home. I feel rejuvenated. My soul feels cleaner. The things that were bothering me before i left just don't seem to matter as much.
And i am feeling motivated to learn new things, to grow and change and not sink back into the rut i climbed out of when i left to wander strange lands and clear my head. Thanks to everyone who followed along, i hope you enjoyed the ride.


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