Day 10

Today was museum day. Hit the Osaka Museum of Science, which reminded me of the Pacific Science Center, except in kanji. Then it was off to The National Museum of Art,which was amazing. Discovered a variety of contemporary Japanese artists, including Mikoto Aida, whose painting "Blender" is one of the most powerful images i have ever seen. Other highlights included Machida Kumi and Nara Yoshimoto.
Then it was off to find Junkudo, a bookstore with an english language section, where i succesfully scored phrasebooks for china and vietnam to help me get by a little easier. To celebrate, i stopped off for a beverage, where i met alex, who has been living in japan for seven years teaching english. He gave me his contact info in case i decide to flee the states on a permanent basis.We shared a few pints, played some darts, and witnessed a bodybag being offloaded from an elevator and into a van. All in all, a full day with a weird twist at the end.


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