Day 7

Arrived in Osaka around 11:30 a.m. and navigated to my resting place, the Chuo Oasis. This is a nice place, with unlimited internet and key card security for the room. Also, it is right next to a subway station and the JR loop for the city, which is convenient as hell. Unpacked, showered, and hit the streets to explore my new neighborhood. Found a Japanese phrasebook, which is helping a bit. Also found Tenoji Park, where I walked around for a bit, and drained the battery of my camera. The best 150 yen i've spent so far.
Following this, I stopped off for a beer to rest my weary legs. The establishment was called You-A, and it run by a Phillipino woman named Amy, who was quite pleasant. She also taught me a valuable lesson, namely always ask how much a pint costs. Apparently, her joint is a "hostess" bar where the ladies sing the occassional karaoke tune and you pay extra for the experience. I don't even like karaoke, and especially not when i'm paying for it.
On the other hand, I did get to meet Kitadani-san. He is married to Amy, about 68 years old, and a real life Yakuza! He even had the yubitsume scar and tattoos to prove it, which he showed me after he saw my arm sleeve. Apparently he took a liking to me, because he went across the street and shortly thereafter a man delivered sushi to me, for which i paid nothing. So, unless i meet a ninja in the next couple of days, i would say i've covered the meeting interesting people angle of the Japan stage of my trip.


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