Away we go. (Day 1)

After lunch and a tear jerker of a goodbye with one of my favorite humans, I boarded the Amtrak empire builder and rolled out of town. Things I learned: train bathrooms are about as fun as airplane bathrooms, my Netflix app won't let me access the shitload of offline shows I downloaded for some reason, I'm glad I have three books on my reading device, and it's hard to sleep on the train. For some reason, there are a couple of folks from rails to trails on board who are giving historical annecdotes about the route and some of the beautiful sites I am watching roll by.  I'll put some photos up when I get some WiFi access. Good first day.

Currently reading: Monsoon by Robert Kaplan.


  1. Find the family bathroom and quit whining. We are all super jealous!

  2. Yeah. That was me, Kate. "Unknown". Cripey.

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  4. Stoked to follow your journey, shitbag.


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