The Train (Day 2)

You really get a grasp on how big this country is when you cross it by train. Varying landscapes, and interesting people. The dining car, in particular, is where I've met most of them. Three meals, three strangers each time. All but one were quite nice and from all over the place. Even the not so nice guy was entertaining, just a bit preoccupied with how important he was.
More lessons from the train: Bring snacks and smuggle on some fluids of an alcoholic nature. That shit is expensive. Sleeping is tricky when you are tall. The seat is comfy enough, but getting the angle right is tough. Having two seats empty helps. Also, wet wipes for your face and whatnot. No showers in coach folks.
Got to see a crazy drunk guy get kicked off at the stop right after he got on. He was a bukowski- esque character with a fowl mouth and no filter. He probably would have been interesting to talk to, but alas, he pissed off the crew within five minutes of boarding. There was also a mysterious, unscheduled stop for a while. Apparently a drunk wandered onto the tracks. Lucky for him, we were going slowly. So today starts rainy and behind schedule.


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