Day 3

Today, Lucas and I went off on our own adventure. First it was off to Shinjuku to activate our rail passes. This was not difficult, although it did require visiting a succession of desks and windows before finding the proper one. Then it was time for some high speed rail travel!
We then went out to Mitaka, where the Ghibli Museum makes it's home. This was awesome. And by awesome I mean I felt like a little kid going to Disney World for the first time. Sadly, no photos were permitted inside, or I would have drained my camera's battery dry. It was also the first place I have seen so far that takes credit cards, so I bought a few goodies.
We then went back in to Shinjuku and ate some yakatori. Why have I not been eating this on a daily basis? I do not know. Then it was back to Akasaka for jazz and drinks at G's Bar, which we had discovered the first night in town. Language barrier hilarity ensued when the singer began a bit of banter with Lucas, and later when she was singing “I Want To Be Loved You” and I was the first target for her journey around the room. Afterwards we chatted up a nice couple named Nao and Yuka, who are in gospel band called the Soulmatics, and at some point the owner had Lucas and I behind the bar shaking up a beverage for him. Then it was time for a snack run, and sleepy time.


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