Day 4

Retraced some steps from the day before so that everyone could get their train passes and seats for the following day. Shinjuku Station is one of my favorite spots in Tokyo, it's a crazy blend of shopping mall, food market, and hipster hangout, as well as being a massive transit waypoint. You could people watch for hours there with no problem. Afterwards we went out for food. Guess what I had? That's right, noodles!
Then it was time to play roadie again, so we hauled ass back to the hotel, grabbed the gear, and headed to the venue in Roppongi. Not wanting to hang around and watch sound check, I bailed and headed to Shibuya, which essentially similar to a mall on crack. Shopping highrises as far as the eye can see, with giant lcd screens flashing at you from all angles, and more people than you have ever seen in your life. And, because it's raining, they all have umbrellas! My original plan of trying to find a waterproof jacket and some shoes that actually have tread on them crumpled in the face of this overload. I wound up walking around aimlessly, watching people and trying not to get trampled. Sadly, I forgot to take any pictures.
After an hour or so of this, I headed back to Roppongi to meet up with the boy's. The show was a lot more energetic than the previous one, the bands were a rock/punk mix, and the crowd was much more excited. Many beers and a few whiskies later, we rolled back to Akasaka, ditched the stuff, and headed to G's to drop off some band schwag. Takuya the barman gave Lucas, Alex, and I a round of Jameson's on the house, and had one for himself. Just what we needed. Then it was off for late night noodles. Then sleepy time.


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