Day 8

Woke up at nine after a strange nights sleep. Lot's of waking up and thinking i had to be somewhere, which won't be the case for quite some time. Rolled out of the hotel around eleven, and headed to the Kaiyukan, which was amazing. And crowded, very very crowded. Good thing i'm tall. Took a ridiculous number of pictures. Saw a whale shark for the first time, as well as a bunch of otters, seals, and sea lions.
I then headed to the waterfront to scout out my escape route for friday. That done it was back into the city to hit the Museum of Science. It was closed. So instead, I did what I like to do in most cities I visit, which is walk. I walked pretty much across the whole thing from north to south. It's big, and I think I need new shoes, or at least I will soon. So tired. Tomorrow I head to Takarazuka to see the Tezuka Museum, creator of Astro Boy. Got to get the most out of my JR pass after all, and tomorrow is the last day it is valid.


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