Drunk Story #1

After watching the extremely professional bartender at Orbite for a bit, i decided to head back to the neighborhood where the orange inn is located, which is at the ass end of nowhere as far as Kyoto is concerned. Listened to my ipod for the first time this trip, and i must say that DoMakeSayThink pulled me out of my funk. Went for more yakitori, which had a nice picture menu from which i generated a cheat sheet. Then i stopped off at the place i had eaten the night before for one last beer, only to find a couple guys from the hostel and a goup of japanese fellows. This turned into several beers and saki's, some tattoo comparisons, and a lot of laughter. Then it was off to play darts with a couple of the fellows. One of them really liked me. A lot. He kept hugging me and patting me on the ass. Finally called it a night at about 3 a.m.


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