Sorry For The Delay! (Hanoi day 32-33)

Wednesday: Called my new friend Tom, but it went straight to what i assumed was a message saying this number no longer in service in Vietnamese. Thought to myself "shit, Tom has ripped me off." Shrugged and went for a walk to return my not needed plane ticket. Found that with no trouble, and they mailed it back to Hong Kong, so most of my money should be refunded. For shits and giggles i tried Tom again, and he answered first ring. Turns out he was in some sort of accident after we parted ways and had spent the night in jail. The police confiscated his bike until he could pay damages and fines, so no rip off, just bad luck. Spent the rest of the day wandering Old Town seeing the sights, smelling the smells, and being bombarded by the sound of horns. Finished the day with "model night" at Funky Monkey Bar, which i was seriously underdressed for.
Thursday: Woke to my first real "Traveler's Stomach" experience. Felt pretty shitty most of the day. Decided to take it easy. Spent a bit of the afternoon planning my next few destinations in The 'Nam.


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