Hong Kong (day 29)

Last day in Hong Kong. Got up and headed back to the soho area for some brunch. Then i set out to find the gardens near the peak, but got side tracked and didn't quite make it. I did get to witness the strange phenomena pictured above, which consisted of hundreds, if not thousands, of women hanging out along walkways and roadsides, playing cards and eating snacks and having a grand old time. It made me smile. I took a shitload of pictures, including a bunch of grafitti shots. Happened to glance up at one point and find I/O, which had a show by Lu Yang; it was fascinating in a horrible car accident kind of way. Glad i saw it though. Hit the ferry back to Kowloon, which was cheaper than a subway, and more fun. Wish i had known that sooner. Laying low again tonight, for tomorrow it's off to Hanoi for another dose of culture shock.


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