Some Thoughts On Travel (day 30)

Holy Shit! I haven't worked in a month! And i don't miss it a bit!
Ok, now that that's out of my system, today's lesson. If you are headed somewhere and you have a multiple entry visa for said place, you do not, i repeat, do not need proof of exit. No matter what anyone at the airline ticket counter might tell you. Assuming i can refund said proof, it will only have cost me roughly $33 dollars U.S. to learn said lesson.
Next tidbit: if you happen to find yourself in Hong Kong, don't stay in the Mirador Mansions in Kowloon. Unless you want to live in a place packed with drug dealers and con artists, and hey, you can do that at home.
If you find yourself in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, however, do stay at the Gecko Motel. The people here are super nice, my laundry is getting done for about $1.50, and i've had my first hot shower in about four days. And they picked me up at the airport, carried my shit the block we had to walk from the drop off point, and fed me strange fruit that was really tasty. They seem to think i will get sick of Hanoi quickly, so tomorrow we talk side trips in the north. I wandered the neighborhood a bit, but calling it an early night.

Oh, and the book of face is inaccessible here as well, but i can hit up my blog and post my photos. I may be able to find a way around this issue, but if not, oh well.


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