On The Boat (Day 12-13)

The ferry from Osaka to Shanghai, the Su Zhuo Hao, was a good period of downtime for me. Leaving Japan saddened me, though the sights from the boat were quite beautiful, for I had come to love it in my short time there.
The boat served another purpose as well. It broke me out of the shell I had been building around me since parting with Lucas. I had been purposely avoiding other foreigners, preferring to go it alone, but during the first night's meal a Londoner named Arsan invited me to sit with him. Speaking with him on his travels through India, I realized I had been missing out  on opportunities to interact and aquire new perspectives, which is somewhat the purpose of this journey in the first place. I met a lot of good folks that night; Martyn, Benny, John, Jimmy, Joe and Claire, all from the U.K., as well as Jo and Joe, both from China. I found myself wanting to journey with them for a bit, even though it was not meant to be.


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