Last Day Hanoi (day 37)

Spent the day with Ines and Alex showing them what i know of Hanoi. We hit the Hanoi Hilton, which was first used by the French to torture the Vietnamese and later by the Vietnamese to torture U.S. pilots. It was depressing on a variety of levels, even if they painted a fairly rosy picture of the pilots' life there. Got some ice cream, coffee, and noodles with the ladies. Went to say goodbye to my friend Van at Funky Monkey. Got sad when i parted ways with Ines to head to the train. Only met her three days before, but felt like leaving an old friend.
Made it to the overnight train to Hue with moments to spare. Automobiles and the streets of Hanoi do not mix. The nice family i shared a cabin with kept feeding me until it was time to sleep, so i didn't have to suffer through train food.


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