Hong Kong (day 23-24)

Finally hit Hong Kong after a long night on the train. Right away i could tell i was going to like it here, and that was before i found out the space museum is only blocks from my hostel. Speaking of which, my new room is only slightly larger than the cabin i had on the train. By which i mean it is small, really, really small. But hey, i am just using it for sleeping and internet access anyway. It is also located in a shopping area where every five feet someone tries to sell me a watch, a suit, some illicit substance, or themselves. The entertainment value is huge. I rested up for a bit, then headed out on a quest for fried chicken, which lead me to Ocean Terminal, which is a mall of massive proportions. No fried chicken was found. But their free wifi led me to my second craving, mexican food. Found my way to that place with no trouble, and ate some tasty fajitas. Further back in the place was a bar with polynesian themes where i met a few folks and had a few beverages. The bartenders took a liking to me and kept sending me shots. Took a taxi the six blocks home. Woke up a bit late and took my hangover to the Hong Kong Museum of Art.


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