Hong Kong (day 25-26)

Hong Kong. If NYC and Tokyo mated and had a child, this would be it. People from all over the planet are wandering the streets here, wheeling and dealing and living large. It somehow reminds me of a giant shopping center, each part interconnected by subways, underground malls, escalators, elevated walkways, and a maze of streets. It's a sensory overload 24 hours a day.
I finally made it out of Kowloon to Hong Kong proper on wednesday, and i walked till i could walk no more. Wandered to the convention center, where they are currently hosting the electronics fair, but it was such a madhouse i couldn't bring myself to go in. Instead i wandered the waterfront a bit, then made my way east to the Causeway Bay area, a multitude of highrises and chaos. Then it was back to Kowloon and the Space Museum, which i got into for free. Obviously, i enjoyed that immensely. Then, feeling some Japan withdrawal, i went for sushi. Then i wandered the streets of Kowloon, hitting pedestrian markets and food streets galore. Completely at random i ran into Johanna and Andreas, a couple from Sweden i met on the train.
Spent thursday wandering Soho with them. This is home to the great pedestrian escalator, which i had heard of and had to see for myself. Due to the craptastic weather here today, it made much more sense, as does the fact that with a little effort you can get all over the place with rarely ever venturing outside. Ate some tasty food. Sleepy time.


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