Greetings From Kho Lanta (day 52-53)

Hi kids!
Spent an extra day at Karon Beach in Phuket. There was practicaly nobody there, which is what i was looking for. This feeling does not last long. Desire for different scenery drive me to buy a ticket to Koh Lanta. I must say the shuttle boat system has improved scince i was last here. The first one even had airconditioning. I slept through that bit and switched boats at Phi Phi, which i left immediately even though i had an open ticket. Just can't bring myself to hang out there, even though watching tourists beat the shit out of each other in the Reggae Bar boxing ring was quite entertaining last time. So, it was off to Lanta, where i have found a cheap bungalo with a pool. The beach here is non-existant, so i may have to move again soon. Going to look in to getting my SCUBA certification and go say hi to some friends tomorrow.
This may be my last missive for a few days. Writing about laying around doing nothing just isn't that exciting, for me or anybody else. Plus i am in Thailand, where free wifi must be hunted down and exploited like a rare and wily resource. This place is the biggest cash seperating mechanism ever wielded upon tourists on the planet, as far as i know. God, how i've missed it!


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