Nha Trang to Saigon(day 46)

Woke up a little late and checked out of my digs. Stowed my luggage and headed out to find something to read. Payed too much for Nam Au Go Go, written by a vet who lives in Nha Trang now. Headed to Louisiane for some lunch poolside, but sadly it was closed for repairs. Sat in the shade and read for a few hours instead, then headed to the Grill House for some dinner before my train. They have a good selection of tasty beef dishes at reasonable prices. Chatted with Tram the bartender there to help her practice English a bit before her classes start up. Realized that i don't really want to leave Vietnam just yet, but got on my train to Saigon just the same. Had a couple of beers with the fellow sharing my cabin, then he tried to hit on me. Didn't sleep too good for some reason. Finally arrived at 4 a.m. My taxi driver didn't know where he was going, had to stop for directions no less than four times. Then he deposited me in an alley about two blocks from where i'm actually staying, but another cabbie sorted me out with walking directions. Fended off the early morning dregs of humanity who wander this tourist ghetto i once again find myself in. I love living in the city!


  1. i can't sleep neither..sucks to be us..but not really...
    we're still holding it down..and miss you much..stay scrong...love - or something very much like it,
    ( rob is the one with the google account..and of course, he's in there sleeping like a baby)


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