The Night Of The 53rd Day (And Day 54)

Ok, so i lied. Interesting things do sometimes happen when you are sitting around doing nothing. I got to watch a very small cat, also known as a kitten, eat what appeared to be a cockroach. Not entirely sure, but whatever it was it was sneaking up on my foot and this cat appears out of nowhere to pounce on it. It was crunchy. Then it stalked off into the night in search of further prey.
Next day, i rented this little gem. It was my first time driving a scooter this trip. Well, actually, ever. Pretty easy, but having my feet out in front of me seemed weird. Rolled up to see the people who run Lanta Pearl guesthouses, who were influential in my having a great time here last visit. They seemed genuinely pleased to see me again. And he offered me a place for 200 Baht a night, which is the equivalent of $6. And there is a dive place right next door. Needless to say, i am moving there in the morning. Then it started to rain, so my driving adventure came to an early close. Tomorrow i will try again and see some more of the island.


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