Saigon (day 49)

Today i woke early and headed out to Cu Chi tunnel complex. On the way we stopped at Hanicapped Handicrafts, an establishment employing some of the unfortunate souls poisoned by Agent Orange, one of the most toxic substances ever created by man and produced by the folks at Monsanto (currently attempting to crush every independant farmer in the U.S.) and Dow (creators of nuclear weaponry and faulty breast implants). After that it was time for the tunnels proper, where our guide took great pleasure in demonstrating the various and horrible booby traps used in the American War.
After some crawling about in tunnels not meant for tall westerners to be crawling about in, it was finally time to shoot my AK.
Easily the highlight of the day. Handed the fellow a crisp $50 dollar bill and said let's do this. Much semi-auto, and ten shots full-auto. Next time i am in Southeast Asia i am definitely going to Cambodia, where you can shoot a rocket launcher, and pretty much anything else you want. Finished off my day with beers at Lien's Cafe, watching the insanity of the street unfold.
Lien is a no nonsense type of lady who works eighteen hour days seven days a week. If i had even a quarter of the drive she does, i would be a rich man. And she is also quite sweet if she likes you, but i definitely would not want to be on her bad side.


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