Lanta (Day 55-56)

Pretty much did very little. Walked on the beach, swam in the ocean. Hung out with Ching and Nit, who run the bar next door to my new place of residence. I know them from my last visit here, and though they had to be refreshed on my name, they definitely remembered me. It's weird being back here, not quite the same yet vaguely familiar.
Friday, after four days of being complacent and doing nothing, i began to feel antsy. So i signed up for a three day course for open water diving certification. It's cheaper than at home, and the water is a hell of a lot warmer. So that will keep me occupied for a few days.
The only thing of note on Saturday was taking a trip to market with Nit to stock up on supplies and get stuff for their late night barbecue. Last nights was grouper and some garlic and chili salsa that numbed my mouth. So tasty. The market was fun, got some popsicles made out of Fanta that were quite good. Tonight, more late night grub with the locals, then up early for my first lesson.


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