Saigon/Phuket (day 50)

Again attempted to go and eat food provided by the Lunch Lady. Sadly, as it was sunday, she sells out even earlier than normal, and this time she wasn't even in evidence when i arrived. So sad. Then i headed out to the War Remnants Museum. I actually had to go outside for a second at one point so no one could see that i was crying. Granted, the V.C. did some horrible things as well, but the displays here were very matter of fact (propaganda was minimal here), and it made me ashamed of where i come from.
Then, it was off to Thailand! A quick flight landed me in Phuket, and as soon as i walked out the door of the airport i felt the familiar sensation of folks trying to relieve me of my cash. Payed a bit too much for my cab into town, but he drove like a racecar driver, blasted some tunes, and let me smoke in the car, so what the hell.


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