Nha Trang (day 46)

Got up and headed out to meet Adam at Loc Cahn restaurant. One of my best eating experiences yet. Spicy beef grilled up right at your table with sides of rice and garlic greens. So good!
We then headed up to the Cham towers to check them out. There was some sort of holy festival going on, the place was packed. Needless to say, we got some strange looks by the locals.
After a bit, we decided to walk across town and back to the beach. Wandered the back streets for a while, and suddenly we were in the market near his hotel.
 It being one of the hottest days ever, we set out to find some air conditioning. Found it in the form of a five star hotel, residence of the stuffed shirt crowd whose only experience of Vietnam is bound to be their resort and the beach across the street. Boring of this rather quickly, we wandered up to the sheraton. Here we proceeded to head to the penthouse area, which was still in the process of being built. Pretty sure this area was off limits, but we walked in like we owned the place and nobody said a word. Took some good shots of Nha Trang from the deck, hit the pool area, and bailed to get sushi before anyone knew any better. Pretty fun adventure all in all.
Adam and i parted ways after that, he was off to Saigon, where i will meet him for one last evening out on the town. Went and chilled out for a bit, then headed to the Sailor Club to watch some fire dancers and listen to mediocre dance tunes. Found that i really can't stand tourists, and amused the bartenders with the fact that i know how to say "fucking tourists" in Vietnamese. Then i met Phuong. She gave me a bunch of shit about my toenails, then dragged my ass onto the dance floor. Hit it off pretty good until she found out i was leaving the next day, then she bailed and i headed homeward. A pretty good day all told.


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