Lanta (day 57-59)

Spent a chunk of Sunday learning stuff. A lot of stuff. By way of videos and a series of quizzes. I aced all the written stuff no problem. Duh. Then it was off to the pool to put the theory into practice. Had very little difficulty here either. I mean, come on, it's a pool.
Monday, slightly different story. First dive went pretty smooth, saw some neat fish and a sea turtle eating a jellyfish. Good stuff. Then it was time for my 200 meter swim around the boat. Made it about a quarter of the way. Swallowed some sea water, almost puked, swam back and got out. Opted for a longer snorkel and fin swim of 300 meters and a ten minute survival float the next day. Second dive i was flustered and had trouble staying down in the proper depth i was supposed to be in. Breathing too hard and fast = to much air in the body = a tendency to float. Weird.
Tuesday started poorly for dive three. Bad mind set about the failed swim. When i jumped in the current kept pushing me back towards the boat. This had me winded from the get go. Then i had a brief mishap with switching from snorkel to air supply. We descended for some navigation by compass, after which i sort of had a moment of panic. A long moment. Claus, my instructor, got me calmed down and squared away enough to finish the dive. Gave some thought to packing it in. Then i went ahead and did my 300 meters and float instead. Got it done with no trouble, just looked at it as some extra snorkeling time. Dive four was great. I was calm and relaxed for the first time yet. I saw some amazing sights. I didn't drown. Passed my final exam. Officialy able to SCUBA dive. Man am i tired!


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